Tintag - the first rechargeable tracking device!

Tired of losing your stuff? Get Tintag.

Tintag is a rechargeable tracking device for your lost items. It helps you find your keys, bags, pets, you name it, so that you never lose them again.

The first item - tracking device with ever lasting battery. How come?

  • Other item tracking devices make you replace their batteries or buy new devices every time batteries run out. Tintag is rechargeable. Period.
  • Charging your Tintag is wireless and effortless. 6 hours of charging, makes Tintag ready for 4 months of use.
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What makes Tintag unique?

Rechargeable battery

Each charging with the Home Base companion makes Tintag ready for 4 months of use. There's no need to replace its batteries or buy new devices when batteries run out.

Led and buzzer combined

Unlike other tracking devices, Tintag offers two ways to locate your items: with the beep of the buzzer or quietly with the flash of a LED.


Tintag fully protects user privacy. It does not require users to create an account to its mobile app. And Tintag stores data anonymously, ensuring that a person’s information is safe and can never be linked to his/her identity.

Enhanced Bluetooth technology

We developed our own Bluetooth antenna that ranges up to 100 m in plain field.

Lost & Found community

When someone finds your lost item a notification will be immediatly sent to you, with the location of your item.
#tintag, the first rechargeable #lostitem #tracker, shipping now!

Basic features

Track your items on the go

Tintag helps you locate at all times any object you've lost, big or small, near or far. The app on your phone allows you to easily determine the whereabouts of any items that have a Tintag attached.

Keep close

Tintag alerts you when your dog, your kid or a favorite item leaves your sight and the comfort distance you previously defined within the app.


No rain is strong enough and no puddle deep enough to damage your Tintag: sturdy, compact and waterproof.

iPhone + Android

Tintag app works on Android phones and iPhone. It doesn't work yet on Windows Phones or Blackberry.

Use Tintag to find your phone

The communication between Tintag and your phone goes both ways. So if you can't find your phone, Tintag can, at the press of a button.

Unlimited items tracked

Tintag app allows you to track as many items as you like.
Checkout #tintag and end the game of hide and seek you play with your keys every day

How it works?

Original design meets creative technology.


Activate the buzzer option with the Tintag app on your phone and locate anything within ~50 m (150 feet) reach by playing a distinctive sound.


Activate the built-in LED option from your phone and locate things quietly with a flicker of lights.


Check on your phone the history of locations where your item was last seen and you can easily remember where you've left it.


Enable the keep close option on your app, set a preferred distance and get to keep a closer eye on your Tintagged item within that distance or get alerted if it goes beyond the set limits.


Worried about rain today ? Don't fret - Tintag is waterproof and will survive even your dog's most spectacular dives.


Small and discreet, you can easily stick your Tintag to items or attach it with a key-chain.

Frequently asked questions

What phones does it work with?

Tintag app works on Android phones and iPhone. It doesn't work yet on Windows Phones or Blackberry.

How many items can be tracked?

Tintag app allows you to track as many items as you like.

Any questions on how Tintag works, delivers its promise or how it can get to you? Just e-mail us and we'll answer straight away.

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